How’s it! I’m Jon.

Outside of my work as a project manager I am a passionate photographer and photo retoucher shooting for clients including Lululemon, Subway, and local brands.
In my personal time I cover surf culture at Ocean Beach San Francisco. I also like to post stories to my blog, ride bikes, and hang with my wife and dog.
I am a creative project manager at Aquent Studios working with global clients including VMware, Salesforce, and Adobe. Before that I was at GoPro as a Senior Photo Manager traveling the globe and telling product stories. Way back when I started my career as a Photojournalist in Santa Cruz, California covering daily news.

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Session Stories
March 23, 2019

Around Town: Venice

Around Town: Venice Recently our zone saw some fair-to-good-to-epic surf (down here, the epic is usually hidden amongst the fair). Offshore winds, decent sandbars if the swell hit right, and…