How’s it! I’m Jon.

I am a photographer living and working in the Sunset District of San Francisco. I’ve done work for local clients and global brands including Lululemon, Subway, Martha Stroumen Wines, and more.
When not out shooting, I am a creative project manager at Aquent Studios working with clients including VMware, Salesforce, and Adobe. Before that I was at GoPro as a Senior Photo Manager traveling the globe and telling visual stories.
In my personal time I cover surf culture at Ocean Beach San Francisco, which I write about on my blog. Other hobbies include surfing, writing, drawing, riding bikes, and wandering. I have a lovely wife and a dog named Ocean, both of whom I adore.

What I've recently posted about...

Ocean Beach San Francisco
January 30, 2021

The Music of Ocean Beach

Despite the changes brought on by pandemic-life, and the rediscovery of outdoor space that came with it, Ocean Beach remains (for the most part) a sparsely populated desert dotted with…
Session Stories
March 23, 2019

Around Town: Venice

Around Town: Venice Recently our zone saw some fair-to-good-to-epic surf (down here, the epic is usually hidden amongst the fair). Offshore winds, decent sandbars if the swell hit right, and…

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