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How’s it 👋 I’m Jon, I’m a creative type from Northern California.

Looking to get in touch? Email me.

Right now I’m working on a photobook called Outbound. It’s about San Francisco’s west side and what makes it special.


I’ve been revisiting drawing, writing, and learning to paint in my spare time. Most of that ends up in a sketchbook, and posted via my blog.

Past life

A while back I had a rad job at GoPro that sent me around the world taking pictures. I got to road-trip across Europe shooting a world famous bike race.

I spent a week on a boat in the Bahamas diving with sharks — tiger, hammerhead, and bull sharks — and dolphins without a cage. I did end up in the ER on that trip, but that was for splitting my head in an underwater cave in Florida.

We rode mountain bikes through the black sands of Mount Batur, a dormant volcano on the island of Bali.


Before that I was a newspaper photographer in Santa Cruz. It’s where I cut my teeth in photography: portraiture, sports, breaking news, features, and more. Still my favorite job of all.

Day job

When I’m not shooting, painting, or writing, I’m managing digital projects. You can learn more about that on LinkedIn.