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Around Town: Venice

By March 23, 2019March 12th, 2021No Comments

Recently our zone saw some fair-to-good-to-epic surf (down here, the epic is usually hidden amongst the fair). Offshore winds, decent sandbars if the swell hit right, and a break from the seemingly incessant rain. As is typical of the area, the water was littered with all kinds: soft tops, thrusters, single fins, hoods, booties, and board shorts (!!). The entire surf industry was on display — hell I was competing with a solo-shot down the beach — and everyone was out to get some.

Despite the takes-all-kinds vibe represented in the water, some classic words of wisdom were scrawled across the handball courts: “LOCALS ONLY”. I can’t attest to whether handball is a particularly territorial sport, but I do appreciate the heads up upon entering the beach. A simple reminder to do the right thing: give more than you take, respect the locals, and enjoy.



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