Film Drop

Film Drop: Volume 1

By March 12, 2021No Comments

I can’t remember the last time I shot digital, and while the invoices from Photoworks are piling up like street sweeping tickets — I’m unbothered. The process of shooting without the instant payoff, followed by the long and at times intense way to get your rolls developed and scanned can’t be more enjoyable. I love the feeling of seeing those images appear in my inbox, and clamoring to download them as fast as possible to see what I got. This is one such drop.

A young couple enjoys the late winter sun at Ocean Beach.

You see a lot when you walk about the neighborhood every morning with your dog. This group of artists had just finished painting an entire stairwell block by the time I was walking up the beach, an hour or two after sunrise.

Who knows what the future holds, but a return of localism could help clean up some line ups.

My beautiful wife, who has fallen back in love with film right along side me.

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