The launch of the HERO5 camera and KARMA drone marked a new chapter in GoPro’s history.

Now able to capture stunning content from sea to sky seamlessly, a whole new dimension is added to what GoPro can showcase.

The creative team understood the necessity to elevate the brand according to this new frontier in functionality, and the photo team in particular set out to develop the visuals to match.

Capture different advertisement.


With any creative endeavor, I wasn’t alone in this effort. This talented group of people helped bring these projects to life.

  • Producers: Mattias Sullivan, Rebecca Larzik, Alec Dare
  • Associate Photo Managers: Nick Keating, Jason Taylor
  • Athletes: Geoff Gulevich, Micayla Gatto, Roberta Mancino

My Role

As Senior Photo Manager, my role spanned both creative and operations. I was ultimately responsible for the delivery of stunning, on brand imagery both on time and on-spec.


I worked directly with our production team to develop world class creative by conceptualizing photoshoots, creating moodboards and shotlists, working with athletes and talent on location, and directing post-production.

By providing guidance and direction, our team was able to deliver thousands of breathtaking photos yearly to service a breadth of needs.


I worked cross-functionality with Creative, Sports Marketing, and Product teams to ensure creative productions meet the needs of a variety of stakeholders.

Back in the office I supervised Associate Photo Managers and our post-production team to ensure equipment lists are dialed and our release files meet rigorous QA standards.