Outbound Book



The west side of San Francisco is deceptively quiet, in the way many beachside enclaves are. To get there, visitors take one of two trains away from the city center, outbound, until you’re dropped off on the sand at Ocean Beach. Most days you might be the only person departing the train, greeted only by fog and wind. What you might see may surprise you, however.  

Outbound is a journey across the seemingly quiet western neighborhoods of San Francisco, where a world renowned city clashes with world renowned surf. Viewers will walk, bike, and swim up and down the urban coast, experiencing all the contradictions the city has to offer: desolate beach scenes alongside urban expansion, gentle rollers and pounding surf, empty lineups and championship contests. Through the lens of his many cameras, photographer Jon Weiand assembles these seemingly contradictory themes into a cohesive experience of San Francisco’s Sunset District and beyond.