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Ocean side moments near home

Sharing a few detailed moments from the beach near home.

One of our go-to beaches is steep, and when the tide and swell combine lots of mini sea debris gets deposited in the sand. Tiny shells, sea glass, and smoothed over stones sit in a vein running north to south along the beach. Finding the interesting bits and pieces takes a leisurely pace and a patient eye, but it’s fun to assemble a little collection before leaving it behind for the next person to find. 

I also found an interesting bit of sand erosion creating a miniature plateau. The creek diverted up the beach and eroded the west side bank into various sand-forms. Regular visits to the beach change your perspective on time and change. To the visitor a beach is a beach, but to the regular there are so many individual changes that are worth paying attention to. 

Novelty fun in the City.

Novelty fun in the City.

Exploring Big Sur a little differently.

Freight trains at Mavericks.

View from below.

Inside looking out.

Getting in the water is easy when the backdrop looks like this.

Cold morning sessions in the City.

Catching cracks this morning.