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no chance of guessing where this spot is

Surfers waiting for the next set at Cowells in Santa Cruz.

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Fireworks from the 4th of July in 2009, near Coit Tower overlooking Alcatraz, the Bay, and Pier 39 in San Francisco.

A ship sits off the coast of Ocean Beach, San Francisco Friday July 1, 2011. Onlookers described the boat as run aground and close to tipping over, prompting an emergency response including paramedics, firefighters, surf rescue, and beach patrol personel. The boat remained upright and and continued on its way.  Jon Weiand

How often do you get to see the U.S. Coast Guard surfing (and dwarfing) 15 foot waves at Ocean Beach?  Not very.  This one is from the Winter of 2008.  Jon Weiand

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The King Phillip shipwreck seen on a semi-low tide Friday April 22, 2011.  The King Phillip is a commercial sailing ship built in Maine in 1856, and wrecked on the sands of Ocean Beach, San Francisco 1878.  The above image shows the bow (front) of the ship, looking toward the stern (rear).

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The “Dancing Wolf”, a 38 foot yacht reported stolen out of Vallejo, sits aground on Ocean Beach, San Francisco at low tide. A man allegedly ran the boat aground in a drunken voyage celebrating his 35th birthday, only to be woken up by the National Park Service the morning of Friday April 15th. Jon Weiand

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