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The sunset

Was featured on Tumblr Radar… which is super rad. I have a lot more people to motivate me to stay on my Tumblr game – welcome.

ps It’s going to get wet again tomorrow SF.

The Marin Headlands as the fog rolls in.

The Golden Gate Bridge was majestic yesterday.

Barcelona, Spain

Pfeiffer State Beach, Big Sur, CA.

Sunlight breaks through the clouds along West Cliff in Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz, California.

J. Weiand

The winds shifted for about two hours from stiff onshores to moderate to light offshores with no one out.  It takes dedication and a flexible schedule to catch it on a day like this.  This wave was one in a thousand.  Oh and I did not fake the lighting, I saw a split in the clouds and waited for some swell to hit this bar.  Jon Weiand