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golden gate bridge

Get your suit on!

Seldom surfable beachy

Was featured on Tumblr Radar… which is super rad. I have a lot more people to motivate me to stay on my Tumblr game – welcome.

ps It’s going to get wet again tomorrow SF.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California.

Nighttime reflection of the Golden Gate Bridge.

This is what the Golden Gate Bridge looked like from Land’s End today.  Damp, grey, and moody.  Jon Weiand

Sometimes every day places need a new perspective to keep things fresh.  I try to remember what I see daily is a once in a lifetime vacation for some.  Truly blessed.  Jon Weiand

Another from years ago, September of 2007.  I found this edited and cropped beyond repair.  I still enjoy what it means to me, regardless of whether I have the original.  Jon Weiand