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northern california

A trip up north

My parents recently sold our childhood home, so I packed up the wife and kid (and dog) and we ventured north to revisit past memories and make some new ones. We dipped into the City and continued further north to reconnect with the natural world around Lake Shasta. Waterfalls, glacial melt, red clay, railroad towns where my grandparents lived — all a welcome change from the I-5/405 brain scramble. A few select visions from north of the Golden Gate attached.

Plenty of waves to go around despite crowds, filmers, and photographers.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California.

McWay Falls, Big Sur.

A woman jogs along Seabright State Beach in Aptos, California on a sunny evening.

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Seal Rocks, Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California 2013.

Shot on 35mm film.

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Sometimes every day places need a new perspective to keep things fresh.  I try to remember what I see daily is a once in a lifetime vacation for some.  Truly blessed.  Jon Weiand