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Not many people can handle the Beach at this size.

Quick shot of my buddy Chris.

Plenty of waves to go around despite crowds, filmers, and photographers.

The Post Yule Pyre at Ocean Beach is a Sunset tradition that goes back a number of years, and 2011 was no different. A group met at Java Beach on Sloat and proceeded to pick up a number of trees along the way to the beach. The trees would be dragged to the beach, ignited, and attract the attention of police. When police would drive to one fire, a group of  trees would scurry down the dunes to another bonfire and the ignition would be met with a raucous cheer to which the police would respond. This back and fourth went on for a little while until the police decided the fun was over. Overall another interested San Francisco event. @jweiand

My cousin once told me “You know it’s big when the tail of your board is just as pointy as the nose.” Ocean Beach, 2009.

Damian Hobgood, left, exits the water after a heat during the Rip Curl Pro Search while two adoring fans look on. The event at Ocean Beach saw one of the biggest scoring mistakes in professional sports history, as Kelly Slater was prematurely awarded his 11th ASP World Title, which he would go on to win days later. Jon Weiand/Ocean Beach Bulletin

Kelly Slater won his 11th ASP World Title, twice, last week. It was an honor to be there for both celebrations and definitely goes into my personal history books as one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The fact that it happened at Ocean Beach is some sort of a mini-miracle, and no doubt holds major significance in my mind.

This photo is from the second win on Sunday November 6th, which was not as wild as his first but still an exciting moment given that it his exit from the water was preceded by the most unbelievable barrel I have ever seen.

Jon Weiand/Ocean Beach Bulletin

A ship sits off the coast of Ocean Beach, San Francisco Friday July 1, 2011. Onlookers described the boat as run aground and close to tipping over, prompting an emergency response including paramedics, firefighters, surf rescue, and beach patrol personel. The boat remained upright and and continued on its way.  Jon Weiand

Rich Matthews (left) takes a break from collecting trash to help his son Neil Matthews (right) with his glove during California Coastal Cleanup Day at Ocean Beach on Saturday September 17, 2011.  Pulling a quarter out of his pocket, Neil said, “The most interesting trash to me is the money.” To which Rich replied, “Yeah, you’re up to a buck 30.”  Jon Weiand/Ocean Beach Bulletin

full story at the Ocean Beach Bulletin

The “Dancing Wolf”, a 38 foot yacht reported stolen out of Vallejo, sits aground on Ocean Beach, San Francisco at low tide. A man allegedly ran the boat aground in a drunken voyage celebrating his 35th birthday, only to be woken up by the National Park Service the morning of Friday April 15th. Jon Weiand

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