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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA.

Seal Rocks, Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California 2013.

Shot on 35mm film.

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December 13, 2007 at Sutro Baths was one of the best sunsets I’ve ever photographed. There is a heart hidden in there somewhere. The camera was a Canon Powershot s3 glorified point and shoot, I had the swivel screen before it was cool (and on Canon SLRs). jw

From Louis’ Restaurant yesterday.  This one feels a lot like what I would have shot three years ago, that’s why i enjoy it.  Typical summer weather in SF.  By the way, they’re open now and I hear the food is great so support over on Point Lobos.  Jon Weiand

Sometimes every day places need a new perspective to keep things fresh.  I try to remember what I see daily is a once in a lifetime vacation for some.  Truly blessed.  Jon Weiand

Another from years ago, September of 2007.  I found this edited and cropped beyond repair.  I still enjoy what it means to me, regardless of whether I have the original.  Jon Weiand