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Quick shot of my buddy Chris.

Surfers waiting for the next set at Cowells in Santa Cruz.

A homemade bike/surfboard trailer, some sandals, and a hat overlooking Cowell’s in Santa Cruz in May of 2009. I’ve had a little hiatus from shooting, but that should change shortly. @jweiand

Photographing a surfboard can only be done so many ways, and this was a new one for me. Ocean Beach local Mark Valenta showed us his quiver and I was able to reflect his neighborhood in his single fin. @jweiand/obb

See the whole quiver, including a sweet Paipo, over at Ocean Beach Bulletin

Wells Campbell is a local surfer/shaper, and he makes some damn cool surfboards. jw/obb

More info and photos at the Ocean Beach Bulletin

Follows, reblogs, and likes are always appreciated. Twitter followers as well @jweiand

This is a quick portrait of local ripper Andy Olive.  The Bulletin has begun a new feature called “Show Us Your Quiver,” where local surfers expose their OB surf sticks.  Andy is someone I have seen in the water a number of times, and I’m stoked I got the opportunity to shoot his photo along with his boards and truck.  Check out what he’s doing over at San Franpsycho.

To answer something you may be thinking, YES the Danny Hess twin fin is as rad as it looks, and YES that is a Danny Hess handplane in the wheel.  Jon Weiand

Check out details on all the boards, and some funny anecdotes as told by Andy himself at the Ocean Beach Bulletin