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So many of these howling left tubes to go around today – if only you had the confidence to pull in.

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San Francisco surfers know the further north you go the longer the walk to the water. It matters on these cold days.

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Congrats to the champ.

Here at Ocean Beach in 2011.

Swell pours into the San Francisco coast 24 hours before the Mavericks Invitational big wave contest.

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Not many people can handle the Beach at this size.

Quick shot of my buddy Chris.

Plenty of waves to go around despite crowds, filmers, and photographers.

Congratulations Joel Parkinson, the 2012 ASP WCT World Champion, and winner of the Pipeline Masters. Here he is, on the right, placing second at the Rip Curl Pro Search in San Francisco last November. No longer the bridesmaid!


The Post Yule Pyre at Ocean Beach is a Sunset tradition that goes back a number of years, and 2011 was no different. A group met at Java Beach on Sloat and proceeded to pick up a number of trees along the way to the beach. The trees would be dragged to the beach, ignited, and attract the attention of police. When police would drive to one fire, a group of  trees would scurry down the dunes to another bonfire and the ignition would be met with a raucous cheer to which the police would respond. This back and fourth went on for a little while until the police decided the fun was over. Overall another interested San Francisco event. @jweiand