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ocean beach

Ocean Beach line and wash scene

A recent watercolor sketch of the Ocean Beach San Francisco sand dunes, grass, and Marin headlands in the distance. I’ve recently been experimenting with line and wash style sketching. Starting with watercolor I will lay down shapes and introduce some unpredictability that I can build upon using a roll ball pen by adding definition and detail.

In this particular sketch I really like the way the foremost headland takes shape with the blue watercolor — lighter in value on the right with some negative space dry-brush toward the water line. A few subtle pen strokes provide definition to the hillsides. ‘

This is quite a nostalgic view for me, having spent countless mornings, afternoons, and evenings walking over the dunes to check the surf or walk the dog.

Under the Lip

Dana Shaw tucking under an offshore lip near Lincoln Boulevard at Ocean Beach on Thanksgiving morning. Ocean Beach is seemingly always good on Thanksgiving — in the 15 years I lived there I can remember 10+ Thanksgiving Days full of good surf. Sometimes in the shoulder high range seen here, and sometimes in the overhead range. November is a good time to be a surfer in San Francisco.

So many of these howling left tubes to go around today – if only you had the confidence to pull in.

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San Francisco surfers know the further north you go the longer the walk to the water. It matters on these cold days.

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The sunset

Finding vibes in San Francisco

Swell pours into the San Francisco coast 24 hours before the Mavericks Invitational big wave contest.

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Not many people can handle the Beach at this size.

Plenty of waves to go around despite crowds, filmers, and photographers.

Congratulations Joel Parkinson, the 2012 ASP WCT World Champion, and winner of the Pipeline Masters. Here he is, on the right, placing second at the Rip Curl Pro Search in San Francisco last November. No longer the bridesmaid!