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Photographing a surfboard can only be done so many ways, and this was a new one for me. Ocean Beach local Mark Valenta showed us his quiver and I was able to reflect his neighborhood in his single fin. @jweiand/obb

See the whole quiver, including a sweet Paipo, over at Ocean Beach Bulletin

How often do you get to see the U.S. Coast Guard surfing (and dwarfing) 15 foot waves at Ocean Beach?  Not very.  This one is from the Winter of 2008.  Jon Weiand

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Sometimes every day places need a new perspective to keep things fresh.  I try to remember what I see daily is a once in a lifetime vacation for some.  Truly blessed.  Jon Weiand

Go Giants.  Jon Weiand

The King Phillip shipwreck seen on a semi-low tide Friday April 22, 2011.  The King Phillip is a commercial sailing ship built in Maine in 1856, and wrecked on the sands of Ocean Beach, San Francisco 1878.  The above image shows the bow (front) of the ship, looking toward the stern (rear).

More info can be found:

Taylor Kerns poses for a portrait.  Jon Weiand

The “Dancing Wolf”, a 38 foot yacht reported stolen out of Vallejo, sits aground on Ocean Beach, San Francisco at low tide. A man allegedly ran the boat aground in a drunken voyage celebrating his 35th birthday, only to be woken up by the National Park Service the morning of Friday April 15th. Jon Weiand

more info:

The winds shifted for about two hours from stiff onshores to moderate to light offshores with no one out.  It takes dedication and a flexible schedule to catch it on a day like this.  This wave was one in a thousand.  Oh and I did not fake the lighting, I saw a split in the clouds and waited for some swell to hit this bar.  Jon Weiand

San Francisco sunset seen at Ocean Beach December 7, 2009.

Two men survey the damage at the Sloat Blvd and Great Hwy parking lot in San Francisco after the storms of the 2009/2010 winter season January 29, 2010.  Due to the amount of damage, and its proximity to nearby sewage pipes,  the City declared a state of emergency.  Jon Weiand

Prayers for Japan.